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Aches, pains and daily stresses can be relieved with one of the following blissful therapy massages. Each massage is tailored to suit your needs, whether you prefer a slightly firmer, faster paced massage or you’d prefer to indulge with the warming touch of the hot stones, the choice is yours.

  • Pro Sleep Therapy 60min £60

    A unique ritual for the body, Pro Sleep is tailored to the senses and general wellbeing, allowing complete relaxation of the mind and body. This treatment is a real tonic if you’re struggling to sleep, or sleep well, and need some time away from the constant chatter in your mind.

  • Tranquil face & back treat 60min £60

    The perfect pairing if you can’t decide whether to have a facial or a massage. A great way to introduce your skin to a new routine, or to perk your skin up when it needs it. Alongside a relaxing and therapeutic back massage, you’re left feeling all kinds of calm and relaxed.

  • The Back Treat 60min £60

    A real pamper for a typically neglected area of our bodies, The Back Treat involves a thorough back exfoliation and application of softening, decongesting back mask, added relaxation with a massage for the legs followed by a warm oil back massage to rid the body of any existing tension.

  • Hopi Ear Candling 45 min £30

    A treatment that can be enjoyed purely for relaxation, but is also helpful in relieving symptoms of hay-fever, headaches, tinnitus, vertigo, stress and can help to loosen excessive ear wax.
    As the candle is placed into the ear canal, the hollow tube of the candle (lined with natural ingredients like honey and herbs) creates a ‘light vacuum’ effect by drawing out any excess wax. it sounds like a fire softly crackling, burning for up to 15 minutes. Each ear is treated separately, then followed by a massage of the outer ears, also including drainage of the face which helps to enhance the results.

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